Glamping with Pets Blog: Guest Spotlight: Nancy of “Nancy the Beat”

Before my stay, I would have described the A-frame cabin as quaint, cute, and inviting. Afterwards, I would describe it as beautiful, peaceful, and quaint. I LOVED the cabin. It was everything I expected and more. I also stayed in a cottage nearby, which I would describe as interesting, classic, and comfortable. It was a great cottage that would probably be best for a group of friends/family instead of a couple.

Located on the Glamping Hub Blog is an interview by the editor with glamper and dog owner Nancy of “Nancy the Beat,” who recently stayed in two of our pet-friendly cabins, Idyllcreek and Idyllcottage.

We’ve worked very closely with Nancy on a few occasions and we just love hosting her at our cabins! She takes some of the most incredible photographs using her three cute doggies as models. Click here to read all about their glamping experience! 

You can follow her on Instagram to see some more photos of our cabins as well, including her stay at Idyllbrook and Idyllcove! Her pictures of Idyllbrook include:a picture of IdyllbrookNancy and her dogs snuggled by the fire, and a few cool pictures of the Gazebo House. We also love her photos of her stay at Idyllcove: being cozy by the firethe inside of Idyllcovethe back deck, and many cute dog pictures in between! Her username is @nancythebeat

Would you recommend glamping to other pet owners? Do you see yourself going glamping with your pets again? Let us know why! “Absolutely! The whole stay was wonderful from start to finish. The hosts were incredible, too.”