Health & Safety of Our Guests

We are taking additional steps to ensure that our cabins are a safe environment for our guests.

We've collaborated with our cleaning crew to follow best practices for our industry. To keep our guests and staff safe, we are bleaching linens, towels, and triple-sheeting bed comforters. We have also sourced Health Technology Triple Two disinfectant cleaner that has been pre-approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use against COVID-19 for disinfecting and cleaning all surfaces, especially commonly handled items such as tables, hard-backed chairs, doorknobs, light switches, remotes, handles, desks, toilets, and sinks. The cleaning crew will be wearing masks when inside the home. We also have antibacterial hand and dish soap for your use.

Sofa throws/blankets and throw pillows have been removed for now. Please feel free to bring your own cozies from home.

We ask that you please keep your hands washed and exercise care to make sure the cabin will be good to use for its next guests. This includes being conscientious with supplies as we know it's hard for stores to keep things on the shelves right now and making sure dishes are thoroughly washed before you check-out.

In addition, please note that while we have been able to overstock on toilet paper and paper towels in the past we must now limit supply rationing so please plan to bring a few extra rolls of each as necessary depending on your personal usage/habits. 

We are also only taking check-ins on select days. Let us know what dates you are interested and we will be happy to work with you

If you are not feeling well or exposed to someone who is not feeling well, please do not travel at this time. If you are worried about your health condition leading up to your stay, please get into contact with us immediately so that we can assist in rescheduling your reservation.

We are still working through how to make our “new normal” best work for everyone, so please feel free to share any recommendations as we resume operations we have always welcomed guest feedback and appreciate it now more than ever!